With a brand-new cab, outstanding fuel efficiency and advanced technology & connectivity, the IVECO S-WAY is a complete transport solution designed to provide drivers with excellent on board living conditions and offer the business owner a winning solution by enhancing their competitiveness and Total Cost of Ownership.

It is set to be every drivers aspirational truck: designed around their needs, the new cab is spacious, rich in comfort features and advanced technologies. It truly is your home from home. IVECO S-WAY is a 100% connected truck which opens a new era in fleet management and on-board living. Its advanced connectivity ensures that drivers are always in contact with their fleet manager, IVECO support specialists and the IVECO dealer network so that they’re never alone on the road.


The IVECO S-WAY offers a wide choice of Euro VI/d diesel and natural gas engines to suit all applications. The diesel engines, with 3 displacements and power ratings ranging from 330 hp to 570hp, deliver class-leading power. They are also available in natural gas versions that offer clean running and quiet operation.

The IVECO HI-CRUISE GPS predictive driving system integrates driving assistance functions such as eco-roll, predictive gear shifting and predictive cruise control using state-of-the-art GPS mapping technology.

The 12-speed HI-TRONIX automated transmission with electronic clutch offers the most advanced technology in its category, best-in-class torque-to-weight ratio and long transmission oil change intervals.

The anti-idling feature avoids long periods of idling, automatically shutting off the engine. Smart EGR increases combustion efficiency by optimising injection timing, and reducing consumption. Smart Engine Auxiliaries prevent energy waste when their operation is not necessary: Air Clutch Compressor ,Smart Alternator, Variable Steering Pump.

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