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​Your complete financial solution

Whatever your business needs, Iveco Capital can provide a bespoke solution.

Iveco Capital’s products are available across a nationwide network of Iveco dealers and have been created by industry experts who understand every aspect of the road transport business. This ensures you are offered tailor-made solutions that enable you to make your commercial vehicles work hard for your business, whilst benefiting from a bespoke financial solution designed to meet your company’s specific requirements.

​Hire purchase

​Hire Purchase is an ideal choice if you are looking for vehicle ownership, allowing you to spread the payments for a vehicle.

Once all of the payments have been made you own the vehicle. You effectively hire a vehicle from Iveco Capital for an agreed fixed term at the end of which, upon payment of an agreed nominal Option to Purchase fee, ownership passes to you. Whilst legal title in the asset will belong to Iveco Capital until the end of the agreement, you would be the Registered Keeper and may show the asset on your balance sheet plus claim the appropriate capital allowances. Your cash-flow benefits as you do not need to use your cash resources to make a capital outlay for the total purchase price of the asset up front.
Payments can be tailored to suit the cash flow needs of your business, making budgeting easier as the payment structure is agreed with you at the outset. Acquiring new vehicles under a Hire Purchase agreement also has tax advantages, in that you claim the writing down allowances and the interest elements of the repayments are allowable against taxable profits.

Key Features and Benefits at a glance:

• Ownership at the end of term upon payment of a nominal Option to Purchase fee

• On balance sheet

• Capital allowances can be claimed

• Repayments can be matched to the pattern of your cash-flow

​Iveco Capital Finance lease

​Finance Leases enable you to lease Iveco vehicles without making a capital outlay that impacts upon your cash flow and balance sheet, allowing you to dedicate your financial resources to your core business.

It means that vehicles are hired to you for a fixed period without the option of ownership, and at the end of the primary period you may choose to continue to rent the asset for a further period at a nominal rate or to act as an agent in its disposal. This means you have the option to sell the vehicle on Iveco Capital’s behalf and keep the majority of the proceeds.
Furthermore, for Finance Leases of five years or less, as Iveco Capital remains the owner of the asset, they claim the writing down allowance and the benefit is passed to you in your rental payments. Your cash flow is eased still further because you pay VAT on the monthly repayments, not on the principal purchase cost. In addition, you claim tax relief on the rental based on the finance charge and depreciation charge through your profit and loss account.

Key Features and Benefits at a glance:

• Low initial capital outlay

• Flexible and tax efficient vehicle funding

• Improved cash flow

• Option to extend the term

• At the end of the lease agreement you can sell the asset and retain most of the sales proceeds

• VAT payable on the rentals and not the purchase cost of the asset

• Rentals allowable against the taxable profits.

​Iveco Capital Operating lease

​An Operating Lease is a financial agreement where the asset is treated as an off balance sheet item and Iveco Capital retains ownership of it.

Customers selecting this option agree to specific usage parameters for the vehicles at the outset and assuming these do not vary significantly, the monthly payments and interest are fixed for the duration of your contract. The prime advantage of this arrangement is that rentals are significantly lower than under a Finance Lease, because the vehicle’s residual value is included in the transaction. At the end of the agreement you can choose to extend the agreement or simply return the vehicle to us. For Operating Leases of five years or less, we have the legal and tax title to the asset allowing us to make effective use of writing down allowances, which we pass on to you within the rental. In addition, you claim tax relief on the whole rental amount through your profit and loss account. Your cash flow is eased still further because you pay VAT on the monthly repayments, not on the principal purchase cost.

Key Features and Benefits at a glance:

• Monthly rentals reduced, based on guaranteed residual values

• Improved cash flow

• Low initial capital outlay

• No asset ownership risk

• Off balance sheet

• Flexibility to extend the lease term

• Tax efficiency – rentals allowable against the taxable profits

• VAT on the monthly repayments, not on the principal purchase cost

​Iveco capital Contract hire

​Contract Hire is the complete fleet solution and provides you with off balance sheet funding without the burden of ownership or disposal.

It offers all the benefits of Operating Lease financing, comprehensive repair and maintenance, and fleet management services - all of this for a fixed monthly payment, thus improving your budgeting and cash flow projections. With Contract Hire you will be able to benefit from reduced administrative burden, you will also enjoy peace of mind through the provision of one stop shop repair and maintenance solutions that can be flexibly combined with our total fleet management options. Last but not least, our expert team will make sure that your Contract Hire package is tailored to suit your business needs.

The Financial features and benefits include:

• Low initial capital outlay

• Off balance sheet funding

• Predictable and fixed monthly payments

• Improved budgeting and cash flow

• Reduced administration

• Rental payment allowable against taxable profits in full

From the Operational point of view you will be able to enjoy:

• Comprehensive operational support

• Single point of contact for all your needs

• National network of service points

• No vehicle disposal risk

• Peace of mind to concentrate on your core business activities

• O-licence compliance management

Service and Fleet Management features and
benefits can include:

• Comprehensive chassis Repair & Maintenance programme

• Repair & Maintenance of bodywork and ancillary equipment

• 24/7 UK and European breakdown cover

• Road fund licence options

• Tyre management options

• KPI and management reporting

• Scheduled event management

• Collection and delivery options

• Relief vehicle options

• Uptime management

• Account management


You can spread the cost of your car, van, or motorcycle by paying in fixed monthly instalments. With terms from 12 to 60 months and a deposit amount, you can choose the right payment plan that suits your budget.

When you have paid off the finance agreement, and settled the option to purchase fee, the vehicle becomes yours.

You can enjoy a one month payment holiday before your first instalment is due, with interest calculated from the day your agreement starts.

Pros & Cons

No minimum or maximum deposit price, so you can have more control over the amount of finance required

Flexible repayment terms to suit your monthly budget

Fixed interest rates, so you know exactly what you’re paying every month for the length of the term

You don’t own the vehicle until you’ve made your final payment, which means the vehicle could be repossessed if you do not maintain contractual payments

You cannot sell or give the vehicle away until you have paid all of the repayments under the finance agreement