NI Trucks - Creating a more sustainable and environmentally friendly business


NI Trucks, and its sister companies Emerald Truck & Van, Star Rentals and TVC Parts make up The Truck Division of Gaffer Group

As a responsible business, Gaffer Group addresses its legislative, social and moral obligations with the utmost importance and priority and one of these obligations is to the environment. We ensure that we comply with all legal requirements and employ best practice to minimise our environmental impact.

NI Trucks - Creating a more sustainable and environmentally friendly business

This approach is nothing new, the Management Team has been actively pursuing an environmentally friendly agenda for some years and much has already been achieved. Examples across our businesses include;

  • Installation of LED lighting in our Workshops and Parts Departments
  • Gas fired condensing boilers
  • Gas fired radiant heaters (most efficient) in Parts warehouse and in Workshops
  • Installation of a variable speed compressor.
  • Fitting of sensors on workshop urinals
  • Installation of energy efficient hand driers
  • High quality auto-shut-off power washers to reduce water consumption.
  • Recycling of timber pallets.
  • Recycling of metals.
  • Recycling of cardboard

These initiatives have allowed our businesses to significantly reduce energy and water use and the amount of waste that goes to landfill – a reduction in costs, but more significantly less impact on the environment.

As successful as these initiatives have been, we can and will do more. Our current objectives will further reduce our environmental impact and include

  • Installing low energy LED lighting in more areas of our businesses
  • Fitting sensors to reduce water, heating and lighting use when areas are not being occupied
  • Further reducing gas usage by ensuring maximum efficiency in our heating systems
  • Optimising compressor and airline usage
  • Introducing more recycling facilities for paper, plastics, glass and cans
  • Optimising skip use. Ensuring full loads and no contamination of waste

We welcome any and all initiatives that will help our businesses further reduce our environmental impact and encourage and incentivise ideas that can be implemented to achieve same.

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Modern Slavery Policy Statement

29th January 2019

As a responsible organisation, and in compliance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015 we take a zero tolerance approach to offences committed under this Act

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Christmas and New Year trading hours

14th December 2018

Like most businesses our trading hours will change over the Christmas and New Year period. Rest assured if you need us in an emergency outside of these hours our 24hour emergency number is always available

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